Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One of the best in online poker

rush poker

I miss playing rush poker, don't you?

The most I had open was four tables. No wonder they called it rush poker. You get a rush of excitement while playing in those tables.

Different poker

I don't follow news and developments in the poker world as much as I did a few months back. From what I recall, Full Tilt Poker is still having legal and pay-out problems from all sides of the fence. Too bad isn't it.

I enjoyed playing in full tilt poker, specially rush poker. The regular cash games in ftp is different from pokerstars because of the rake structure, and that's what is appealing about it. They are not just another pokerstars.

Legal issues

After black friday, no other poker site took the place of full tilt poker. The iPoker network has a lot of players, party poker too, is neck and neck with iPoker (almost). But compare their traffic with what full tilt poker had before and they still come up short.

What's weird is that there is still the merge network that caters to US players--they're still open. What's up with that? If legal issues were not a concern with poker players, the merge network will surely get a lot of new player sign ups from all over.

If online poker were to become legal in the US, will pokerstars decide to come back? Which poker site will benefit the most from this? Are we going to see a new leader in the online poker market?