Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to play TPTK

win rate chart

Hand analysis

+5k hands played so far, in the black playing at 2NL. I haven't gotten around to getting my previous hand history from pokerstars. Those stats could be passe by now, since three months has passed. I'm going to play with whatever hand history I get from here on.

I was gone three months and I see some of the regulars I was playing back then are still playing at 2NL. One player in particular, we'll call "bruxo" as that is part of his/her username.

Playing TPTK

I remember this fellow as a TPTK pro. In this particular pot that we played heads up, bruxo check raised me on the flop. I had a week three of a kind. I would have folded if bruxo raised preflop. Since he/she limped in, I am thinking bruxo made one pair, worse, he/she has a full house.

I called all the way to river where bruxo shoved all in. It turns out bruxo had TPTK--and he shoved all in.

If there was one thing that will improve your win-rate tremendously and show very little variance, is to NEVER EVER go all in with Top Pair Top Kicker (TPTK). The only exception is preflop where you have Top 2% of your range (AA - JJ).

Post flop, if your TPTK hasn't improved, simply call to river, or fold if villain shoves all in.