Sunday, December 25, 2011

How I get back money that I lost on tilt

win-rate chart

Constant learning

I was able to get back tuition paid on tilt yesterday. When I say tuition, what I mean is that I lost money, but learned something in return. It could be information on how villain plays, or the circumstance showed me a lesson on better poker.

You probably want to ask how I got back tuition paid.

Low variance poker. If I don't have the strong hands, I fold. The method is called TAG, or Tight Aggressive. I pick my spots, I am patient. Small hand, small pot, big hand, big pot is the TAG's mantra.

Even on a Christmas day, there was a lot of players on pokerstars, more than 200,000 players when I first signed in this morning. I did not get to play as many hands as before. I must have played half of my usual number of hands, but it was profitable just the same.