Friday, December 23, 2011

Free Poker Tracker 3

I am working towards earning my free poker tracker 3 (full version). I need to make 250 points playing poker. At the moment, I have 51% earned. I am playing with the 60-day demo version. It's possible that I can finish this before that demo period is over, don't you think?

Low Variance Poker

I have played 10k hands since I got back to playing poker again. It's a steady upswing. Low variance poker.

It is now 10.59pm. Wife just got home from work. I work from home--this poker business and copywriting for social media. With christmas two days away, the kids tend to stay up late wait for their mom to get home. They are hoping she might have christmas goodies for them, as she always does.

The kids are very excited about christmas. I can't remember if I played poker at all last christmas. I probably did, if at least for an hour. If there's not much happening around here on christmas, you will probably find me playing on sunday.