Saturday, December 17, 2011

Config hell

I forgot how much configuration it takes to automate my game. I have just finished downloading tableninja and activated my license. I couldn't finish configuring tableninja as it was looking for pokerstars. So I went ahead and download/install.

configuration icon

Settings amnesia

I forgot my PIN number and had to request one, login, checked my account balance--pretty much the same as when I left that two months ago. Checking options, I found that there are a lot of new features with pokerstars.

What stood out was that they have the hotkeys on beta. It's not as full featured as tableninja, but I guess that will do. I was thinking I don't need that since I already have tableninja.

I remembered from last time that I had to use autohotkey to supplement some of the keys that failed to work on tableninja whenever pokerstars had updates. It's going to be painful to setup hotkeys from scratch. I'm going to have to refresh myself with that.

Using credits

I'm going to check in on holdem manager first. They have upgrades as well. There's the new holdem manager. I don't know if I want to upgrade now or later. That's another $50.

Maybe I can work with v1.0 and play to get that pokerstars VIP bonus. I'd use that bonus then to purchase the holdem manager upgrade license. That will give me enough time to read through reviews about v2.0, then make a decision from there. If reviews are negative, surely there's going to be another app that will take holdem manager's place--poker tracker3?

I was gone for two months and it seems like the poker universe, at least mine, had changed tremendously. I see that the number of players have remained the same, albeit about ten percent less this time. Still, it's still an acceptable number.

Here's my TO-DO list:

  • Install holdem manager
  • verify holdem manager license
  • Upgrade holdem manager...?
  • configure autohotkeys (ahk) to work with pokerstars hotkeys
  • request hand history from beginning of 2010
  • Install joy2key
  • print out hotkeys cheat sheet
  • get a domain name for this website?
  • ...?