Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Chart shows hands played for the last 10k hands. I am back taking shots at 10NL. A few of the regs I played at 2NL are also there. Some are playing as consistently as they do on other levels, a few are tighter than usual.

While washing the dishes this morning, the idea came up on getting another stake. I checked into the 2p2 forums for cash games staking and sent an application to one that appealed the most. I'm not sure how this one is going to go.

I gave up on staking a few months back. They start me up one stake level higher, but on a limited-risk bankroll. The bankroll the staker provides is almost same amount of bankroll that I have at that moment. What happens then is that I play the same amount of hands over time, but get half the profits playing the same bankroll.

The upside to staking is the promise of getting more funds if my game is profitable. It gets easier to go up stake levels with someone else's money. There is also the opportunity of learning from other players. So it's 50/50 then about getting staked--not very good, but not such a bad idea after all.

Maybe I am just bored with playing alone, sitting in front of the computer all day. For now, I am going to keep my options open--see what happens.

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