Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Last 10,000 hands. Not much happening.

If you play at pokerstars, you might have noticed the new feature--"easy seat."

This allows you to set criterias for table selection, like a range for stake levels you want to play, set the maximum number of tables that you are playing for the session, then sit back and start clicking.

Soon as you close one table that you don't like for one reason or another, you have a new one up and running in the background (not taking focus away from active table), all within 3 seconds. This is one feature that deserves recognition from us grinders.

Now the autohotkey script I made to open tables is obsolete. Easy seat makes it easy for me to get replacement tables. What I like about it is that it works seamlessly in the background. New tables are opened based on the criteria that I set and they do not take focus from the ones I am playing.

With the ahk script I was using (daJoinT.ahk), the script will first bring focus on the lobby, then click on join waitlist. It does so every 10 seconds or so. Playing 20 tables where the lobby comes up every ten seconds can get quite confusing and takes getting used to.

When I first tried out 'easy seat' I had to check the lobby now and then wondering if I am on the waitlist on any of the tables. You practically see an empty waitlist in the lobby anymore. They are automatically filled in by this new feature.

Sweet, isn't it?

The only issue I noticed with it was that, after an hour or so of playing, the easy seat stops by itself and I had to manually turn on the start button from the lobby. I am not sure what is affecting that script's loop function. It could be something that triggers it during gameplay with my own script--or something else. I have already emailed beta@pokerstars.com about it.

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