Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PnL September 2011

Down 35.61%.
Deposits: $0.00
Withdrawals: $0.00
Total hands played: 51,421

*Profit/Loss = ((Current/Previous)-1)*100
**Current balance is usually discounted for flows(+/- deoposits and withdrawals). Since no deposits or withdrawals were made this month, no adjustment was necessary.

Chart is showing I'm up--it's the rake that pulled my balance down. I am going to have to look into that.

This is disappointing.

I spent a whole month working on this, and even if the chart showed I am up, my balance is down a hundred dollars. Looking into my cashier transaction history for up to the last 60 days, there were no player transfers or withdrawals made--I even made a $50 VIP cash bonus for the month.

So all that $100 loss was rake?

Either something is wrong with holdemmanager, or I need to look deeper into that $100 rake. To figure out where the problem is, I am going to request pokerstars for my hand history.

I decided to try out oDesk over the weekend (I am a copywriter). With just one client, working three hours, I made more money in that one weekend than I did playing poker all this month. This poker business is not going to be a priority if this keeps up.

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