Monday, September 19, 2011

EV Explained

I was playing with my charts on HM, and noticed that my all-in EV somehow deviated down and away from my winnings line. Take a look--

Curious as to what this meant, I googled it and found this FAQ on holdemmanager: EV Explained.

It says that, EV is a mathematical formula based on when a hand goes all-in before the river.

I only scanned through the page, and from what I gathered, when that red line started to deviate away from the green line, it meant that:

* I made my nuts on the flop
* went all-in either on the flop or turn
* have been winning more of, and from the showdown hands than I did before.

Here's where I get confused.

There was this time last week where I went through a dry spell. I got sucked out on, and I hardly got the nuts. Why did that red line not climb up any closer to the green line? At some point, the red line decided to go sideways while the green line did what it was supposed to. What made that red line go sideways and not keep up with the green line?

I am going to look that up when I have the time. Or maybe not. As long as the green line is up, I am not complaining about what that red line is going to do next.

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