Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The kids are back in school. It's just me and the cat, smokey at home. Days like these, he'd rather hang with me and sleep in the bed while I play poker.

I made a few more tweaks in my game, cutting back on playing from EP. It's a bit confusing at times, trying to change the habit. It's like I am juggling a lot of things in my head. My PnL showed a negative at the end of last month. I lost a few big hands on that one last day. I think I've got them back by now.

I am taking shots at 5NL. Instead of exclusively playing 5NL, I decided to mix up 2NL and 5NL in my table selection. This way, I get to play at the quality tables based on table selection rules.

I just finished my first session for the day. I am taking a break now--go was the dishes and do other household chores.

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