Monday, August 29, 2011


It was a tough weekend--donkeys left and right got me on the edge. At some point, I decided to stop checking HM thinking I was down. I need to tweak my HUD. I am using the stats in there to play in spots that I am not supposed to.

I chose not to play last night and saw a cable movie with my daughter--'the social network.' The story was great and inspiring. It reminded me about the issues that I am going through right now. That it's not where you are, but the process and the experience that I am going through.

I am not trying to sound wise or teach anything. I woke up and had this cloud over my head that I can't seem to shake out of. I guess I am trying too hard.

Later today, a pinoy is coming over to have his pc checked out. He said he was coming over after lunch. It's a 4yo dual core dell pc. He said it's got a lot of issues. Typical for a windows vista. I am thinking I'd reformat his hard drive, change the OS to win7 (I love it--almost as good as ubuntu). Then let him test drive it for some time. If the problem is still there, then he needs to upgrade his hardware.

Morning session is in the bag. Time for me to take a break. Time to do some cleaning around the house.

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