Thursday, August 11, 2011

GoldStar VIP Status

PS is giving away VIP status this month...!

Dear Now Open,

Congratulations! You have achieved GoldStar VIP status.

Your VIP level lasts for the rest of this month and all of next month.

This entitles you to the following rewards:

- 2 FPP Multiplier - you now earn 2 FPPs per VPP
- GoldStar VIP Store access - choose from new and exclusive merchandise in the GoldStar store
- USD 300 VIP Reward Bonus - now available in the VIP Store for 25,000 FPPs
- USD 30,000 Weekly VIP tourneys - Saturdays at 14:30 ET for a 100 FPP buy-in
- USD 100,000 Monthly VIP tourney - last Saturday of each month at 15:00 ET, free entry
- USD 1,000,000 Quarterly VIP tourneys - February 5th, May 21st, August 20th, and November 5th, 2011 at 14:00 ET - FPP Satellites available, located in the Tourney/VIP/All tab

These exclusive VIP tournaments can be found in your PokerStars game lobby under the 'Tourney > VIP > All' tab.

To remain a GoldStar, you need to earn at least 300 VPPs next month to maintain your level.

Earn even more rewards by achieving Platinum VIP status by reaching 750 VPPs in a month. To learn more about the VIP Club and the rewards offered, visit our web page at


The PokerStars VIP Club

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