Friday, August 19, 2011

friday, ptr

Now and then, I find myself contemplating if I should go ahead and learn c++. Python in itself, has a lot of libraries/modules that are in my to-do list. Adding another language might complicate things too much for me at this time. I'll keep that in my bucket list for now.

It has been a sideways week for me. I make a little, give back a little. No homeruns, yet. This is better than getting licked by variance. Two sessions finished in the morning. Two more sessions to go for the rest of the day. I am going to take a break now and do the dishes.

One of my kids chose not to go to school today (I have 4). He has this mission to finish all the game levels in his batman wii game. When he gets tired going after that quest, he will either watch tv, or play free online games on the other computer. Like father, like son.

I have accumulated enough fpp's to get a jumper off the vip store. The only problem now is, there are no more stock available except the smaller ones. I'm not interested in their bull caps as they are usually not the perfect fit. The jumpers come in handy. It gets cold here in auckland and a jumper is part of my daily wardrobe.

I went ahead and checked out my profile on I do this now and then to see how my investment in my meta-game is doing. This here is interesting--

(I'll make an analysis about my report card in a future blog.)


This tells me that pokerstars' algorithm to deter datamining works--at least for cash games. What begs to be answered is this--where can you find reliable info/stats about cash game players on pokerstars then?

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