Tuesday, July 12, 2011


WHen unexpected things happen--like my pc breaking down and me not being able to play poker, I go through a 24-hour period where I am upset about it. After that, I see the silver lining and accept the fact that there is something here for me to learn and discover.

At this moment, I think it's about this--learning how to run my poker business inside linux. I never did enjoy using windows. Not that I am judging that os, it's just not something that I prefer.

The next pc that I am getting, it is highly unlikely that it will have windows preinstalled on it. It could have a trial version, but I am not willing to fork out an extra hundred dollars to rent an operating system. Besides, it is more challenging to use linux. I get to learn more.

Two things on my programming homework--
- writing an app that will help manage tables like tableninja; such as opening/closing, betting, cycling thru, etc.
- writing poker tracking software that works for me
- how to automate everything.

I have a quite a stretch of time ahead of me. First things first. Install pokerstars inside wine. I already have wine installed this morning.

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