Sunday, July 24, 2011


It's only today that I got to play extensively since my pc broke down. As I played, I was making tweaks here and there. I was making sure that my configurations were set and working properly.

I don't think I am going to update my hand history. Too much effort, too little time. Besides, it's a good exercise to play without stats every now and then.

I have yet to install ubuntu dual boot on my system. That's what I was trying to do earlier today and it did not work out the way I expected. Installation went well, but on reboot, the system didn't give me the grub menu to choose which OS to load. No one in the forums could give a definitive answer on how to work it out so I decided to start over--reformat, reinstall.

That's the easy part. Updating my configurations was hell. There must be a way to save my configurations each time such that when I reformat/reinstall, I will just copy paste the configs somewhere in there. I will look into that.

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