Saturday, July 2, 2011

automatically join tables

Here is a short script I learned in AHK that automatially clicks on the pokerstars lobby to either join a waitlist or an available table every x-minutes--

Send q
Sleep 500
Send {PgUp}
Sleep 500
Send w
Sleep 60000

For the noobs--to make this work for you, first you need to download and install autohotkey. Right click on your desktop, click New, autohotkey script. Copy, paste the code above, then click save. To run the script, double click on that desktop icon you just created. To change the interval when the script clicks to join a table, change Sleep 60000 (1000 = 1 second) into a higher or lower number that will suit you. To run the script, press CTRL+Q on your keyboard.

This script works with tableninja. Q is my tableninja hotkey to bring up the lobby. W is my TN hotkey to join a highlighted table.

NOTICE-- I cannot be held liable if this script fucks up for you. This works in my pc. Your pc is different from mine--this script may not work for you.

I am going to test this script and improve on it in the coming days. I am thinking I'll put in the ability to filter tables depending on VPIP, or average stack or pot, etc. For now, the ability to open tables automatically when grinding is a big help for me.

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