Monday, June 13, 2011

ubuntu - can't connect to server

I found TableCrab off google yesterday. It works thru wine, and has to update mine before installing tableCrab. I probably worked on it for two hours last night and couldn't get it to upload. I tried changing software server from nz to main and back several times--nothing worked. It was way past my bedtime and decided to let it go.

The following morning, I thought to myself that the problem might be connected with TOR. I changed network proxy settings to disable tor, updated my repositories by following the instructions from here.

It worked. My version of wine is now updated to v 1.3.21.

Now I am going to look into getting tableCrab into linux and have a look at its source code. Tablecrab is written in python. I don't get why it has to run inside of wine. I am not sure I want to use it, but I am sure I can learn a lot from reading its code.

...and I am going to reactivate tor.

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