Sunday, June 26, 2011


Have you ever played a session where fish is sitting to your left, calls every preflop raise you make and you still manage to win almost every hand at showdown? I just had one of those sessions.

On a different note...

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I managed to replace the cmos battery and cleaned my cpu fan. Last night, the cpu fan started to sound weird, then the pc shutdown by itself. Restarting, the pc did not even boot up, so I opened my box to see what happened.

The heatsink was loose. Somehow yesterday, the brace that holds the heatsink in place seemed to have been damaged. I reattached the heatsink to the cpu and the pc was working again. This time though, the box has to lie on its side or the heatsink will fall off. I may have to learn how to take apart the motherboard and screw in the heatsink brace, but that's a different troubleshooting lesson for me. I am going to stick with this workaround for now.

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