Tuesday, June 14, 2011

second pc

I got the kids an old pentium 4 pc off trademe.co.nz. It has windows xp, but I removed that and installed linux instead. It's now in the process of updating to v11.04 natty narwhal.

I chanced upon the auction this morning. There was only one bid with less than half hour to go. For NZ$80, I am getting a p4 IBM desktop, 2ghz with plenty of memory and all that. It comes with a keyboard, mouse and speakers. Typically, for that same price, you only get a refurbished desktop without monitor and all that--just the box.

For this particular auction, the seller refurbished the pc and threw in everything else to get it working. I waited for the last minute before the auction closed and put in my bid--and won.

I was able to play one session early this morning. Soon as I finished that, I went off to get the pc. I got back two hours later and since then, I have:
- removed windows xp
- made a full install of ubuntu 8.04
- now updating to ubuntu 11.04

Hopefully the ubuntu update will finish tonight. I will install our favorite FOSS apps tomorrow morning.

The kids are starting to use the pc and internet for their homework more often. I think it's a good investment to get them their own. This way, I get to run my poker business when needed without taking time away from their learning. I ordered a router from the same auction site. It might arrive thursday or friday.

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