Monday, June 6, 2011


Google Doodles: 2011 April - June

It is the queen's birthday today here in nz--a public holiday. We spent the day in the mall. Boring. In fact, everything has been kinda gray lately. I miss playing poker. Learning how to code gets dry and dreary. I feel like I am back in school. I am in a way, except that I am homeschooling myself learning python.

I wrote my first code recently. It's a unit conversion tool. User inputs numbers to convert and specifies the conversion unit as output. The app has more than 700 lines of code. The app runs beautifully, and I am adding more units to convert into it when I feel like it. When it's all in there, I am going to work towards pythonifying it and making the code shorter, and more efficient.

I emailed the bank a few days ago with regards to my missing funds. Pokerstars gave me a receipt number that can be used to trace the funds. If the bank replies that the money is not there given the tracking numbers, then I can use that email reply and send it back to pokerstars. It's like a tennis match, except that I am simply a spectator--feeling like I am at the mercy of one or the other.

The lesson for me here is this--next time, don't use visa.

atm, I am looking at bitcoins and the possibility of playing poker on that side of the fence. But there's nothing there. Codingthewheel had a post about these recently that got me looking into the rabbit hole. At this time, nothing makes sense. I can't even get my dollars converted into bitcoins. I'm not motivated. There's not a lot of poker happening on that side of the currency., when I checked in at that site, only had one active table with only two players heads up with one player sitting out. Googling that site, I read somewhere that it was hacked some time ago(I think codingthewheel mentioned that).

There are other poker sites that use betcoins, but they are other ghost towns where nothing happens. I am not closing the door on this, only that it's not going to take as much attention from me as it did these last few days.

Time to get back to learning.

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