Saturday, June 25, 2011

CMOS battery and CPU fan

I waited two hours for this acer pc to boot up this morning, and it didn't. I decided to finally replace that CMOS battery. I went to the two dollar store and got a pack of 5 CR2032 batteries for only NZ$2.50.

To make sure I was going to do this right, I watched a few youtube videos on how to replace the batteries and at the same time, clean the CPU fan. One hour after I got the batteries, I am making this post from said acer pc. Everything seems to be in order. The box is a lot more quiet now.

I only used whatever household item I found to clean the inside. I literally had to pick up the dust cakes inside the box by hand. Next time, I am going to get one of those compressed air canisters to clean the inside.

I used to think that this was tough work that needs professional attention (aka, pay someone else to do it). Times are different now. There's google and youtube. I figured that in case I break something, or can't get it to work, then I'll find someone to fix this for me. In the meantime, this is a great opportunity to improve my hacking skills.

The refurbished IBM pc is showing PXE-E61 error on boot-up. That's next on my troubleshooting TODO list.

Now, on to some poker sessions.

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