Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ubuntu poker

Losing a big pot playing at 10NL, I decided to quit playing and work on the ubuntu poker interface (is that the correct term?).

I got fpdb pointing to the hamd history folder inside wine. I then played a few tables to see if auto-import will work--and it did! The CLI was open and I saw in the terminal that auto-import worked. What I did not see was my HUD. It didn't show up. Maybe I have to configure something first.

One other thing I wanted to make a note of is this--
- table management
- 8 tables was ok; 12 = crash

Everything was working well playing with 8 tables. I had some issues with table management as I had some big hands that went to showdown and found it difficult to find my way back to that table once table focus has shifted.

Table management can be as simple as using alt+tab. I am using that. What I need is something that allows me to cycle tables forward and back like it does in tableninja. I googled that early this morning. There seems to be an app for that somewhere. I saw a site that mentioned something that had something to do with "quake."

After a while, I decided to see if things will work with 12 tables running--it didn't. A short while after I had 12 tables opened, pokerstars stopped responding and I had to xkill that.

I think there is a log somewhere here in ubuntu that will tell me what went wrong where. I will go take a look...

Homework for me--
- find that log (if there is one)
- get fpdb HUD to work
- window management app (like table manager)
- learn more about fpdb
- turn on comment feature to get feedback from readers done!