Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Playing around with fpdb after dinner, I got a glimpse of how my stats looked like after playing a few hands on pokerstars--

It is still a work in progress. I wouldn't play higher stakes on this atm. The HUD, I still don,t see on my tables. It's supposed to come up together with auto import. It doesn't. I opened 8 tables this time, and about 10 hands into the session, the poker client stopped responding.

I am working on this because I intend to have linux running on my pc exclusively in the near future. On times when the "mow open" sign is not on the tables, I am on linux.

I have a number of chores to do tomorrow. I am not sure if I can play during the day.

As for the missing hands issue with HM, I decided to remove, then reinstall HM and pg on vista, then import hands only for the month of march. I made 60% profit in that month alone, but when I run the chart on HM, it shows that I lost money. And to think that the data I imported were the ones I requested from pokerstars.

I am going to let that go now. This issue has taken so much of my time. If the charts are inconsistent, then so be it. At least the HUDs are working.

Work with what you got.

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