Thursday, April 21, 2011

thursday... titanpoker's 200% deposit bonus

After almost a week of not playing, I decided to add funds to my pokerstars account (while waiting for the last withdrawal). I probably had a good run, or were the players (some of them at least) couldn't put down top pair?

I decided to stick it out with pokerstars after all. Looking at the traffic trend these last few days, I think pokerstars would still be the king of the hill in the online poker world. I was thinking traffic would be down by at least 50% after black friday. It was down by only 1/3, which was the estimated US players with ps. I was expecting non-US players (like myself) would take their money out and play someplace else--but they didn't. They stuck it out.

I checked out full tilt poker before making a deposit with ps. FTP's traffic is down by more than 50%.

What is going to happen now? I don't know. I am not one to make predictions. Looking at how things are trending right now, I think I can put up my 'now open' sign and resume business. Soon as the withdrawn funds clear, they are going bark in the ps account.

In the meantime, I am keeping an eye on how the ps issue will unfold in the coming weeks.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was considering opening an account with titanpoker to avail of their 'generous' 200% deposit bonus. But when I looked at the fine print, I found these--

12. Players qualifying for this unique offer have one month to accumulate the necessary Points entitling them to their First Deposit Signup Bonus.


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