Saturday, April 16, 2011

comparing tuition: pinas vs nz

I was chatting with the wife over breakfast and we can't help but compare how things are in Manila these days. She revealed that her nephew, who goes to high school pays a tuition of Php 20,000 a year.

I was floored!

20 years ago, that amount is tuition in med school good for one year in one of the leading university in the country. I know. I wanted to go to med school but my parents couldn't afford it then.

Here in NZ, all of my kids are receiving world class education in a public school for free. They get free education until they finish high school. If, and when they decide to go on to university and we can't afford it, they have access to student loans.

The tax rate paid by the average working pinoy is higher than the tax rate here in nz. You can just imagine how much of the public funds goes into corruption.

I asked then, why did your nephew not choose to go to public school instead? They tried. They had him enrolled him in all the public schools within their vicinity. In all instances, the child was put on the school's 'waitlist.' Waitlist, as the sister explained it to my wife, means that you need to find a way to 'influence' school admin to accept your child into that school.

I sure am glad we were able to wake up from such a nightmare.

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