Friday, March 4, 2011

open source

I wasn't happy with how my last session went, so I decided to take a break and get my mind off of it.

My daughter has her own phone with a 2GB memory card. Like any 12yo, she loves listening to music. When she has to download music, we have to switch from ubuntu to windows vista. I decided to install wine on ubuntu, then install her download software inside wine.

I had a few false starts typing the sudo command on terminal. Good thing I am getting support from the ubuntu forum. I post a question in there and get an answer within fifteen minutes. Considering this as open source/free software, that is quite an impressive technical support they have there. Here is the link to that thread--

Remember that incident I had with notecaddy? Notecaddy tech support wouldn't reply until at least the following day--if you are lucky. And the software owner insisted that their reply time was standard in the poker software industry. I paid $50 for that trial version. All that is behind me now. I'm just mentioning this as an example of how reliable ubuntu tech support is.

Anyway. After a quick pc restart, I was able to install wine. While I am writing this post, I am waiting for the .NET download and install to finish and see how things went.

This is part of the migration process from windows vista to ubuntu linux. I am now looking into the possibility of running my poker software using virtualbox. Virtualbox is next on my list of ubuntu installs.


I found an easier way around-- or No need to install wine. Everything is browser based.


I had an insight after I woke up: I was using ubuntu like windows vista that's why I couldn't get things to work. Download music.

Open source is a philosophy. Open source is not just about getting stuff for free. That is seeing the world from the point of view of scarcity. Open source is about sharing with everyone in such a way that everyone, the community will benefit (will discuss more in a different post). Seeing things from that perspective, I do not need a youtube downloader/converter. Torrents do a better job. And ubuntu has one built-in already.

That makes a lot of sense.

The application is called Transmission. It is downloading a 10MB file right now, with minus twenty minutes remaining.


Instead of posting my opinions about open source in a different post, I'll do it here instead.

I practiced aikido for more than ten years. I got started from Bong Achas' dojo in greenhills. The first two months, I paid tuition. After that, I stopped paying and instead helped make the dojo grow. I came in early to set up the mats and clean the place before everyone came in. When Bong Achas arrived, everything was all set.

Looking back, I never did consider one person as teacher. I learned from everyone I practiced with--from the first day newbies to the most advanced students (who called themselves sensei). It came to a point over time that I was helping out not just with minor chores, but sharing what I have learned as well. I never called it teaching. When someone comes to me asking me to teach them, I tell them I don't teach, but we can practice together. If he/she picks up something by practicing with me, then they learned something. I too, learned something from them. It's not just a one way street.

One time, this dojo that I frequented, the "teacher" had to give up responsibility because of work. Management offered the position to me with pay. I declined. I said I'd continue coming in and help with the dojo, but I am not a teacher. As such, I could not, will not promote their students. I never bought into that thing where they promote students to higher dan levels by examination. After years of practicing aikido, I preferred wearing white belt instead of black. Too much ego involved. They hired someone else to become "teacher" instead. I still practiced in that dojo for a few more years.

I see now that I learned aikido from the open source perspective. I was gaining something for a cost, my time and effort, and was giving back in return. Not by conscious choice. I did so because I was having a grand time. I knew a lot of people. After practice, we went out for a few bottles of beer. I was single back then. I practiced everyday and I wouldn't be home until midnight.

What if I chose the "copyright" way?

That is a valid option. There were a few people I knew who called themselves teacher. They had their own dojo. They had students. What they did not have was the freedom. They couldn't practice with anyone else and be in "empty cup" mode because of their title. There was too much ego involved.

By not calling myself teacher, I was allowed to make mistakes. By making mistakes, I learned.

In what way did my behavior benefit the community?

A lot of relationships were made. It wasn't simply about aikido. I was able to help other people, and in return, I was given assistance when I needed it. Everyone in the circle gained something from the relationship and the interaction. To this day, I still interact with these people even if we do not practice aikido anymore.

Getting back to wine...

It turns out I don't need it to access the information I need. Torrent files is a better alternative. As I write, the torrent client in ubuntu has finished downloading a number of files that I was looking for. In the process, my pc is seeding the community as well.

The One is the All. The All, together, are the One.

What you put out, is what you get back.