Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ps inside ubuntu/wine

I finally got off my butt and installed pokerstars on ubuntu. I was planning on a virtualbox install but didn't have a vista CD.

I will do a test run playing this set up in the coming days, and without HEM and tabseninja. I also need to change the hand history folder to point to a folder that can be accessed by HEM when in vista.

If things work out, I'd be downloading and installing fpdb.

24-hours later...

I played a session with 12 tables, and the poker client stopped responding. I cut my tables down to 4 and the same thing happened. I decided to turn off animation and was able to play more hands.

I did not last an hour though. I was having a hard time with table management. I found myself with a big hand, and when a different table took focus, I'd lose my composure looking for that big hand table.

So far, what I have learned is that pokerstars works inside wine. The issue is how to play more tables effectively. In the meantime, I will toggle between vista and ubuntu until I can find a decent workaround.