Saturday, March 12, 2011

FREE and open source poker tracking software

I am one step closer to moving my poker business over to ubuntu linux. Here's an open source poker tracking software that works in linux--

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce the next major release of FPDB - 0.20.

It has been a long time since fpdb made a major release. It has been a while, but we believe the effort has been worth it. We have restructured the code base in a way that we should be able to solidly build on for the next few years.

Most people have been using snapshot releases for the last 3-4 months, the nature of open source projects is incremental improvements so it isn't always obvious how far we've come.

So taking a look at what has changed since the last major release.

Since 0.11 was released:

  • Easier install! The single biggest complaint we've had about FPDB is the difficulty of installation. On Windows you should now be able to download the .exe version and simply extract and run it without any further setup being required.
  • Full SQLite support. SQLite is fully supported for all fpdb functions, comes with fpdb, and is configured by default. We still fully support MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. SQLite performs very well and is the only database that most fpdb users will need.
  • New site support: Party Poker, Everleaf, Betfair, Win2Day, Absolute, Ultimate Bet, Carbon. Most of these sites have preliminary support for importing NLHE cash games - the HUD probably won't work for anything except Everleaf and Party yet, if you want it to work - speak up! we need testers. All games on PokerStars and Full Tilt are supported.
  • Draw support! (preliminary - Stars only at the moment)
  • A massively improved player stats view
  • A much improved grapher
  • Much more flexibility in the HUD - preliminary support for session statistics, coloring of stats by threshold, and a multitude of smaller changes i've forgotten.
  • Much faster and more flexible HH importer. The import engine has been replaced in this period. FPDB now imports hands more than 400% faster than the 0.11 release. It was also built with a solid structure that can easily extended to support any site that writes a hand history file to the local disk.
  • The importer uses plug in filters to support new sites. So a new site can be added without modifying existing code.
  • Many, many bug fixes.


Download: - The tarball is up now, the .exe release should be up within the next 48 hours.

Link to FPDB website (wiki)

Features page:

Installation instructions are available from:

Getting Started Instructions:




Three methods

1) The mailing list. Visit to subscribe and send us a message.

2) IRC - #fpdb on the freenode network ( One of the developers is usually around, it is IRC - we may take a while to actually respond - dont get discouraged because we didn't answer within 10 minutes, once we do you've probably got our full attention.

3) This thread

When you do report issues, please help us help you. We get a lot of questions like "I try and import a folder of hh files and nothing happens, whats wrong?" this just isn't enough information to start to guess. FPDB can be configured in many ways, on multiple platforms and windowing systems and supports many different sites. Depending on the problem we usually need a combination of your Operating System (XP, Ubuntu etc) Database type, Install method (exe, zip/tarball, git), installed version, site name and gametype. Help->About provides a list of many of those details for copy and paste.

For reference: Its one of the better pages describing bug reporting for users.

Installation/Upgrade Notes:

* Since several stats have been added or improved, most current users should reimport their HHs.
* Depending on how old your installation/config file is, we recommend deleting your old config file and starting fpdb - this will copy the example file into the correct location with default values. Any previous customisations will need to be re-implemented.
* Important for users installing the Windows .exe version of the release. There is a now a new dll prerequisite which is got either by installing the python 26 runtime, or by installing the official Microsoft package from here For further information, see here

Known Bugs:

Positional Stats: Steal, 3bet, cbet aren't 100% - score low on average.

Windows 7 file names for EUR Stars hand histories crashes fpdb.

  • Position of HUD overlay based on favourite position is off after you get moved in a tournament.
  • No HUD support for mixed games.
  • HUD doesn't handle tournament table changes well. Work around by closing the HUD for that table and letting it regenerate.
  • Under Linux (and windows?), closing the table doesn't close the HUD
  • To close down the HUD, always use the "stop autoimport" button from the main FPDB application. Closing the "HUD main window" directly may cause temporary loss of control of other applications (including the poker client). Control is normally returned at the next hud update cycle or if FPDB is stopped.
  • Windows 7 and Windows Vista require that fpdb.pyw be 'Run as Admin' - the HUD will not run using the run_fpdb.bat startup script.

Whats Next?

We don't have any formal plans, but there are a few people working towards goals.

* Better tournament results information.
* Timezone work
* Automatically repositioning HUD windows when resizing
* More stats
* Better accuracy with stats.

How can you help?

Tournament results are getting attention in the development tree at the moment, if you have an interest in assisting this, for the next release please send some summary files or emails to By this I mean files that are created automatically by some sites for each tourney. Other sites send email summaries automatically or on request, we need those too. If you are going to send through those summaries, please avoid copy&paste as email has a habit of converting the original text into something else. Please either forward the email or zip the file and attach to an email before sending.

An open source project lives and dies around the communities of people it attracts to help out.

Thanks too:

Devs and contributors - Steffen123, Sqlcoder, Eric Blade, Eratosthenes, Bostik, MCT, Grindi, PassThePeas, Gimick, Kangaderoo. Special shoutout to Eleatic Stranger who has written an initial converter for Carbon poker, without ever having played on the site!

Documentation: RSOAndrew, Buggernaut

Testers and everyone answering forum questions - xaviax, Dog, uncooper etc You know who you are.

Hand History donations: Quite a few people on this list now. Every donation for alternate sites and various corner cases is appreciated.


Carl G (aka Sorrow) and the FPDB team.