Saturday, March 12, 2011

look into metaphysics

The bulls are back!

Someone sent me an email asking what it is that I do differently that I am winning?

As you have read in previous posts, I seldom play marginal hands. If villain wants a big pot and I have small hands, I fold. If villain was bluffing, then allowing myself to get bluffed is my way of investing in my meta-game.

One other thing I seldom write about is the metaphysics behind all this. I understand this on an intuitive level, but find it hard to explain. Three factors to consider are:

- the one is the all; the all, together are the one
- what you put out is what you get back
- the only constant is change

Everything is based around these principles. If I tried to explain how they are related to poker, I'd be going around in circles. Copy those three and google them. Do the homework and find out if these will work for you or not.