Wednesday, March 2, 2011


PnL broke below immediate support represented by the red line. This tells me that:

- there is a leak in my game, or
- things just aren't working out for me

I have sufficient bankroll to keep playing at 5NL. If there is a leak, then it's best for me to plug that at a lower stake. This way, my losses are kept at a minimum while I test things out. Soon as my PnL goes back up and above that blue line, then you will find me back at 5NL.

Now, if things are not working out for me, then there is nothing I can do about it. I'll put in the number of hands I committed to doing without expectations. Just play as best as I can each moment.

Although I am back at 2NL, what's different this time is that I am playing with maximum buy-in, which is 250 bb instead of 100bb. Small hand, small pot. Big hand, big pot.

Days like these when I am going through a dry spell, I put my attention someplace else other than poker.

I installed a dual boot OS on my PC the other day. My PC is now on ubuntu linux default boot. This means that, when I turn on my pc, it loads the ubuntu linux operating system. And it does so at an amazing speed: less than one minute. Shutting down, it takes no more than five seconds.

I only select windows vista OS to load when I am going to play poker. I am literally migrating everything to ubuntu linux--my internet bookmarks, files, software, etc. Almost everything is in the cloud, so most of the migrating was done browser to browser using xmarks.

As much as possible, the only software I'll leave on vista are my poker tools. This way, vista will load up faster and be more efficient. As you probably read somewhere in this blog, I no longer have anti-virus on my pc. That alone helped speed up pc performance by a factor of ten. In ubuntu, I don't really need anti-virus. That's what everyone is saying. Just to be sure, I'll be running a free online scan in there every now and then like I do with vista.

It's time for my break. I'll be going out for a while. My kids wanted to get their own visa debit cards. I'll head off to the bank and finish that.