Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Andrew "azntracker" Li Wins Sets Supernova Elite Speed Record

Andrew "azntracker" Li Wins Sets Supernova Elite Speed Record

Wow, talk about online beasts. Andrew Li has already earned more than 1 million VPPs on PokerStars, and he did it all before the end of February. That makes him the first player to reach Supernova Elite in 2011, and gives him the record for fastest time ever on the road to SNE status.

1 million VPPs is something us low-level grinders have a hard time wrapping our heads around. It's kind of like $1 million. We sort of understand it as a concept but we'll never actually get our hands on it.

Andrew Li wrote about what it took to get this done in his personal blog and the stats are breathtaking.

Here's a look at the numbers:

VPPs in Jan (including 50k WSOP bonus): 398,682
VPPs in Feb: 602,086
VPP Milestones achieved in February: 6
Lowest VPP session: 7,326 on Jan 1st (lol lazy)
Highest VPP session: 35,167 on Feb 18th
VPPs in last 15 days: 425,954 (28,397/day)
Top 3 profit days: +12,732, +9,880, +8,444
Top 3 loss days: -17,511, -12,860, -9,414
Left-mouse clicks in 2011: 1,172,167

More than 1.1 million left-mouse clicks! His index finger must be like the Jim Fixx of index fingers.

The really crazy thing is that Li wasn't even playing ever day of 2011. He went to the PCA and played live, and took a ski vacation!

Li talks about having vague thoughts about breaking the previous SNE record set by George Lind back in 2008 - Lind made it on March 18 - but that it was only when he saw he had serious competition from Isildur1 who was beasting the $5k HU SNGs, and poker_in_pb who was ahead of Li earlier this month that he decided to ratchet up the intensity.

To get more than 600,000 VPPs in a single month is just insane. And this is February! There are only 28 days for pete's sake.