Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Here's another tool I found on the internet while I was on poker break. It's a software that helps you do livestreams that you can use with different livestream channels like and

It's a third party application, not related in any way to any of the popular livestream site providers. I've just download the thing and learning how to use it. First thing I need to do is see how it works with my poker setup. If I can livestream 12 tables without any problem, then I can resume my livestream channel.

Here's the copy (product information) from their website:


XSplit Broadcaster--The easiest way to live-stream your events!

  • Mix screen capture, cameras, videos, flash and images
  • Make compositions with 3D effects, z-order and color control
  • Use text labels with static text or dynamic text from web sources
  • Change scenes with advanced and customizable transitions
  • Record and broadcast your presentations preset service providers
  • Connect to your own custom RTMP server or CDN provider
  • Conduct several broadcasts in different qualities at the same time
  • Use service to stream one stream to multiple targets
  • Capture output sound from speakers and mix microphone input
  • Use as camera source with Skype™ or Adobe Flash™

8 hours later...

I removed xsplit from my pc. I was able to livestream playing 12 tables, but the set up plus this running all together was slowing down pc performance. xSplit showed better streaming than procaster as I was able to play 12 tables and stream at the same time, although slower.

The reason I uninstalled it is, when I checked my to see how the test broadcast went, there was nothing. At least with procaster/livestream, I saw the broadcast while I was doing it and saved the video in the video library.

I am done with livestreaming. I don't have that many audience at the moment for me to do a livestream and I have nothing to share for now. I'll stick with camtasia studio and am happy with it.