Monday, February 14, 2011

wireless poker controller

It's a neat toy. I'd like to try one of these at some point in time. At the moment, I am using a logitech gamepad with tableninja and joy2key. I am quite happy with it. It's reliable, effective and I have a great time using it.

This wireless poker controller claims it works with other poker sites as well. That means I don't need tableninja and joy2key. Instead, I'll be using their software to interface with the different poker game platforms

It's an advantage for me if I were a tourney player and played different tourneys on different sites--I can play several at the same time. But I'm a cash games player who's building up to supernova on pokerstars. I am good with my setup for now and I don't think I'd make changes anytime soon.

If they will give me one, I can make a review and see how it goes.