Thursday, February 3, 2011

webcam no-audio issue

After the midday session, I decided to play around with camtasia. I realized then that the webcam mic wasn't working.

Did I tell you that I used to work as technical support for a software firm, verizon and AT&T broadband back in manila? That gave me some sort of background on troubleshooting my own pc.

Camtasia was showing webcam image but did not pick up audio from the webcam mic. I then connected my headset mic and recorded a video. There was audio. That tells me the issue was with the webcam mic. I went to skype and made a test call using the webcam mic. It was working. Somehow, the webcam mic did not work with other applications, even its own logitech web capture software failed to produce audio.

After spending hours on google looking for resolution, the one that solved the problem was reinstalling the software driver. Logitech webcams automatically checks for updates. I remember approving an update a few weeks ago. The install CD reinstalled the original drivers.