Thursday, February 17, 2011


I found tumblr last night and instantly loved it. But as I went to bed last night, I was trying to figure out what to do with it. I already had a number of blogs here on blogger. What the hell would I need another one for? I started to compare blogger with tumblr and these are what I found:

Tumblr is new. It's like a new girlfriend. You love to be with her all the time, but you just can't help but compare her to the best friend that you married. Blogger is customizable and very versatile. I can add html, text, pictures, practically anything I can think of in any part of the blog template. I can then move these things around in any way that suits my need. I can't do that with tumblr.

As you can see with this blog, I've added a number of stuff on my sidebar that adds to the experience. I can even add advertising that pays directly to my paypal account. Beat that.

But it's not this or that. It's this AND that. I'd still keep tumblr. I like new things. Blogger would still be my main blog, but I'm starting a new blog over at tumblr.