Sunday, February 20, 2011

technical issues

I think I have the image posting issue with scribefire resolved. First I need to upload and post the chart image on one blog. I then copy the URL for that chart image, then using scribefire, I can then use
that URL to post that images to all the other blogs, together with the appropriate measurements; in this case, it is 480 x 320. This way, when each post is made on each of the respective blogs, the image will show and will fit into the post page. When someone clicks on the image to get a better view, the page that will open is the image posted from the first blog where the image was posted.
Next question: Why maintain more than one blog for the same subject?
I feel like I have outgrown blogger at this point in time. I'm trying out different blog providers to see which one will suit my needs better. I now have blogs with wordpress and tumblr in addition to the one I have with blogger. I'll update all three at the same time (using scribefire), and give it at least one month, no more than one year. By that time, I would have figured out which blog site is best for what I am doing.