Sunday, February 20, 2011


I think the wordpress import tool was able to finish importing all my blog entries from blogger. There was no definite finished message that came up, that's why I am not sure. Looking at the wordpress version, I think everything is in there. I am not checking as to how the images and videos line up on each blog post. I'll check them when the need arises. For now, I will resume posting blogs to both blogger and wordpress. I'll decide later whether I will drop one or keep both. Wordpress has so many features to it, plus I've been reading a lot of good reviews about it. I admit it is overwhelming just going over the options at the wordpress dashboard. I'll be taking things one at a time.
We still have our "guest" here. She'll be here until after lunch. So this is how it feels like to have someone overstay your welcome. She is not giong to sleepover again anytime soon. Why am I so annoyed with her? She is like an attention-sponge. She is always wanting attention. I have four kids and when that's not enough for her, she tries to get my attention. She's 9years old btw. She's my kids' school mate.
I'm going to tweak my blogs for now. Two kids have music lessons later this afternoon. I'm making lunch while surfing the net. I haven't played a single hand today.