Friday, February 18, 2011

scribefire issue found

That when I post my poker chart image to the blogger and wordpress blogs, the image comes out too big on the landing page. Here's the process: I usually post first to blogger. I upload the chart image from my desktop, then make annotations on the chart using aviary talon. Finishing that, the new image sits on my desktop and has to be uploaded again on blogger. 

If I then wanted to post this annotated chart image to my other blogs using scribefire, the posted image wouldn't fit into the other blog's landing page.

The solution I can come up is to not post to the other blogs. Each blog is going to be its own dedicated channel. Another solution is to size the image in such a way that they will fit into each blog's landing page. This is too complicated. Not every image will have the same measurements and, you know how I hate math. Another solution is to post the image URL on scribefire. So the first solution (post only on one blog) and this last solution (post image URL) are easier and represents the path of least resistance--I'll go with these two,

We will see what happens.