Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Playing poker as a home-based business: Tools for Profit

These are the tools I use when playing poker as a home-based business

I play poker online full time. I play 13 tables at a time per session. I am averaging 40k hands per month. For me to be at my best at all times, I need to make myself as comfortable ergonomically as possible. By having a good time, I can make better decisions playing with as many tables as I comfortably can. The tools that I use are:

* tableninja
* holdem manager
* joy2key
* logitech gamepad

TableNinja provides fully customizable hotkeys and tools that make playing on PokerStars® easier. TableNinja is designed to automate the repetitive and annoying parts of online poker so that I can spend more time deliberating tough decisions, and play more tables.

Holdem manager imports and parses the hand histories that poker sites create during online play and stores the resulting statistics/information about historical play into a local database library for self-analysis, and for in-game opponent analysis using a real-time Head-up display.

The software allows me to monitor each poker session's profit or loss, hands played, time played, and table style. It calculates and graphs statistics such as hands per hour, winnings per hand, winnings per hour, cumulative profit and loss, and individual game profit and loss across multiple currencies.

Joy2key. This software is a keyboard emulator for joysticks. It converts my gamepad input into keyboard and mouse input. I use joy2key to control tableninja using my gamepad instead of keeping my hand on the mouse or keyboard.

Poker as we all know, is a numbers game. The more hands you play well, the better your winrate will become. These three tools help me play more tables for a longer period of time.

PS. I am not, in any way, affiliated with these products, nor promoting them. I am merely sharing my experience with these products as an end user.

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