Monday, February 7, 2011


I am not playing as many hands as I used to at 10NL. There are fare fewer tables at this level and average stack is smaller. I am going to have to re-define my strategy as I move up stake levels. I checked out the higher stake levels and number of tables go down as you go higher up the stakes.

To me, this means that, either I learn how to start playing back at loose players, or play less tables altogether. Since there are fewer table choices, I suspect that regs pay more attention to other players.

I'll try playing less tables than play back at donkeys. But then again, playing less tables, I get to see how donkeys play, AND figure out how to play back at them. That sounds like a good option. I'll see how that goes then.

I just cleared the $10 VIP bonus. That gives me extra ammo for 10NL. Next target is silver star level.