Friday, February 4, 2011


Morning session: played at 5NL. I won some big pots here and there. Most of the hands were either a quick fold or someone else gave me the quick fold.

I noticed lately that I get an easier quick fold from the regulars--those players where I have more than 100-hand history on my HUD. These are the grinders who knows what it takes to make money in this business.

Then there are players whom I have less than 100 hands in my HUD. These are players that are probably playing for leisure, or are new at this. They do not understand the concept of quick fold. The best of these kinds are the ones who will call pot raises from flop to river with nothing more than ace-high hands. The more common ones are the one-pair-wonders. These fish will call your pot raises from flop to river and showdown one pair with a prayer.

The other side of the coin is that, on those days where I can't get a big hand going, these guys will make a few bucks off you. On those days, I find it best to just stop playing and do something else.

Charts like these that show a steady bull run, it only takes two or three big pots per 500 hands. A lot of the hands I get are quick folds. I seldom make elaborate bluffs. It's about investing in your meta-game. Poker, IMO, is a game of perception. You don't play one hand in isolation. Their perception of how you played one hand is related to how they think you will play the next hand. I used to tilt big time when I lose big pots on set over set situations. These days, I just see them as my investment towards my meta-game.

My bankroll is a few dollars short of playing at 10NL. Either I finish that VIP bonus, or win two big pots and you will find me taking shots at 10NL.

I am taking a break now. I'll walk to the grocery and get something to eat.