Friday, February 25, 2011

Remember in earlier posts where I compared different chrome browsers? I found a tool that will somehow level the playing field, at least between google chrom and mozilla firefox. It's called xmarks.
Xmarks is an add-on that you install on your browser. Here's how it works:
- first I open an account with their site. 
- I then download and install the app to all my browsers; in this case mozilla firefox and google chrome.
- after each install, I sync my bookmarks and history with xmarks. Xmarks (I think) makes copies of the sites in your bookmarks folders and history files and puts them on their server.
- each time I make a new bookmark on google chrome, xmarks will update itself. So the next time I open mozilla firefox, xmarks will automatically sync my firefox bookmarks with the ones on their servers (that was updated with the google chrome bookmarks), and then syncs everything on firefox (bookmarks and history).
The advantage here is that, one web browser has advantages over another. With xmarks, whichever browser I use, I am assured that all my bookmarks from all browsers are in sync.
Here is their website <a href="" target="new"></a>