Sunday, February 20, 2011

session review

finishing the afternoon session (my second for the day), I was surprised that my chart was back at support levels.
This got me anxious. I wasn't playing on tilt; I was winning a few small pots here and there; I did lose a few big hands--so I decided to go into HEM and do a session review. Here's what I found:

I did a decent amount of hands for the session: 500+ hands. This is more or less the average number of hands that I play per session.

The most that I lost in a single hand was half a buy-in. This was my 555 in a multiway pot where villains had 888 and a straight. Nothing I can do about that. It smelled funny, I admit, but something about their HUD stats told me to just call to river.

The rest of the bigger loss I made were inconsequential. Those were not monumental hands and pots weren't all-in for me. I'm putting this session's tuition to variance. The session felt like players on the table were calling me down with top pair and I didn't have anything better to showdwon.

The chart could go down below support level. I have enough bankroll to keep me playing 5NL. With the way I am playing, I don't have to go down to 2NL if this happens.