Monday, February 21, 2011

blog decision

The blog issue is finally settled. I am sticking with blogger. Here's why:
  • adsense - over time, clicks add up and become a significant source of PASSIVE cash flow;
  • easily customizable - with other blog sites, my options for making changes to the blog lay out are very limited. If I wanted to the ability to customize the blog, I'd have to pay extra;
  • I can accept third party advertising
  • I just discovered the jump-to/read-more button. This shows snippets on the blog's landing page, making it easier to scan for posts you might want to read.
What got me to stay with blogger was customization. I can rearrange my blogs as much as I want. I can insert pictures, videos, html, text--almost anything I can think of to get readers to stay longer.

The only downside I find is that, when I click on the addthis button, there's no option for me to include an image on the blogger post I am about to make. With the tumlbr and wordpress buttons, you can easily add images to that quickpost.

One more thing.

I switched browsers--again. I'm back with mozilla firefox. Google chrome was buggy as of late. The app/extensions buttons, sometimes they work, most of the time, they don't. I had to find different versions of the app/extensions for firefox. It took some time, but I have everything working perfectly. Firefox is surprisingly fast and stable, at least this version I am using now. It wasn't like this before and that's how I discovered chrome.

With this behind me, I can now focus more on playing poker, and writing.