Monday, February 21, 2011

best way to SNE

A lot of people are doing it differently. They do it via their preference of games, risk level, skill level (some people can beat NL100 but can't do so hot at NL400), maximum number of tables they can handle without their head exploding, etc.

If you want 3300 points per day and you think you can do 12-16 tables of NL400 regularly then play 1 hour of NL400 and see how many points you get and then figure out how many hours that would be.

Your question was for 'easiest or most efficient way.' There is none. 'Easiest' way is to play the highest stakes SNG's you can. That's also the riskiest way to your bankroll obviously especially if you happen to suck at SNG's. Least 'risky' way would be to play the lowest stakes possible because you can beat those games better. But grinding it out at NL100 is going to take a lot longer because you won't get points as fast. Less risky also equals less efficient.

The more you are willing to put at risk the faster you will get there. The more you want to play it conservative and not really risk too much the more you will have to grind it out to get there.

Everyone's situation is different.

It's essentially the same as asking, "Hey...I want to make money at poker. What stakes should I play?" Ummm, how the hell is somebody else supposed to know. Can you beat NL100? Then play NL100. If you can beat NL200 then maybe you would want to consider playing that.

Your later question was specifically "How many points can I get playing 12 tables of NL400?" Ummm, since you've been playing NL400 I would think you could figure this out. If you didn't notice before then fire up some tables and see how fast you get your points.

Your latest question is asking for others' experiences on how THEY are going about their pursuit of Elite. Which seems a lot different than, "What is the BEST way to go for Elite?" or "What is the most efficient way of going for Elite?" which I already previously mentioned I don't think I fully understand nor think is really answerable.

Anyway, to your latest question of, "How are some of the current Elite pursuers going about it?"
I'm mega-tabling various stakes of NL when I actually am able to inspire myself enough to play. A guy like chezlaw recently posted in the Elite pursuit thread that he usually plays 6 tables of limit 6-max of 5/10 but occasionally does some more. Guys like dbeckham and marchinvest2 also play limit. But you don't seem interested in playing limit so I'm not sure how that helps you.

Obviously a lot of people are kind of like me and multi-table NLHE games at whatever stakes and number of tables they are comfortable with. Some prefer 6-max and some prefer NL. And I don't know why this would specifically help YOU decide anything. You should play the stakes and number of tables that you are comfortable with. And if you can put in enough hours at those stakes to get the required number of points then that's up to you.

I will say this though:

You asked if you could get 3300 points per day playing 12 tables of NL400 for only 3 hours or something and I can definitely tell you that won't be happening. I don't know exactly how many hours it will be. But you are NOT going to be getting 1000+ points per hour playing only 12 tables of NL400.

Fire up 12 tables yourself, play for an hour, and see!!