Monday, February 28, 2011


Sunday, February 27, 2011


I am taking a semi-break from playing poker until the end of the month. I decided to give the Ubuntu OS a try, at least for the weekend.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Full Tilt Poker $100 bonus


There's a free $100 cash bonus waiting for you on Full Tilt Poker.

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grinding 7 days a week

I fire up my PC at around 5.30am. That's the time I wake up. Our cat scratches at our bedroom door, meow-ing loud as he (his name is smokey) wants to get out of the house. You can say that our cat trained me well.
click here to

dry season

Not much happening--again. Just keep grinding. My bankroll is bleeding from the rake. Not a problem as I get part of it back when I hit my VIP bonus. Breaking even.

click here to

giant bubbles

Friday, February 25, 2011

Remember in earlier posts where I compared different chrome browsers? I found a tool that will somehow level the playing field, at least between google chrom and mozilla firefox. It's called xmarks.

“Just because something is easy to measure doesn't mean it's important.”

- Seth Godin

Thursday, February 24, 2011

ho-hum days

I've decided to take it easy until the end of the month. Not much happening anyway, and I need a break. I'm thinking I'd go to the beach tomorrow while the kids are at school.

water is dangerous

A student at Eagle Rock Junior High won first prize at the Greater Idaho Falls Science Fair, April 26. He was attempting to show how conditioned we have become to alarmists practicing junk science and spreading fear of everything in our environment. In his project he urged people to sign a petition demanding strict control or total elimination of the chemical "dihydrogen monoxide."

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Playing poker as a home-based business: Tools for Profit

These are the tools I use when playing poker as a home-based business


silver star

Finally made it! Next stop, gold.

Terminal poker

I found this on my inbox today:
HSDB gives you 10 Euro to try the new speed poker
Scroll down for your free €10 instant bonus Cardclubgames voucher code.

Today is the launch of a new form of speed poker, called Terminal Poker. The game very much resembles Full Tilt's Rush Poker but is also designed to be deployed in casinos and other physical places. It is also possible to play it through most smart phones and other mobile devices.

HighstakesDB is happy to offer you the chance to try this new online poker for free, by handing out a €10 voucher to everyone signed up for our newsletter. Players who redeem their voucher will also be entitled to 30% rakeback and a 200% up to €400 match bonus.

Monday, February 21, 2011

what makes a team great

blog decision

The blog issue is finally settled. I am sticking with blogger. Here's why:
  • adsense - over time, clicks add up and become a significant source of PASSIVE cash flow;

How to Become a “Supernova Elite” at PokerStars

source: click here.

Want a free Porsche Cayman S? Want free entry to WCOOP events? Want to use your PokerStars VPPs to purchase almost anything you want? Then you’ll need to become a “Supernova Elite”,

best way to SNE

A lot of people are doing it differently. They do it via their preference of games, risk level, skill level (some people can beat NL100 but can't do so hot at NL400), maximum number of tables they can handle without their head exploding, etc.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

session review

finishing the afternoon session (my second for the day), I was surprised that my chart was back at support levels.

50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind

  • How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
  • Which is worse, failing or never trying?
  • If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?

technical issues

I think I have the image posting issue with scribefire resolved. First I need to upload and post the chart image on one blog. I then copy the URL for that chart image, then using scribefire, I can then use


I think the wordpress import tool was able to finish importing all my blog entries from blogger. There was no definite finished message that came up, that's why I am not sure. Looking at the wordpress version,

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I feel like I "should" be playing poker at this time, 9.25pm. The fact that I feel I should is why I am not playing. I got upset this afternoon. I choose to not run because we have a guest. I was scheduled to run today. I guess it's my fault then. I chose not to run. Seeing that, I can let go now.

I have decided to run mornings starting tomorrow. That way, this is out of my to-do list for the rest of the day. I'll run two days in a row, then rest on the third day. I get up at 5.30am and I'd be home by 7am in time to get the kids ready for school on weekdays. I did not have dinner. I wasn't hungry. We had late lunch at around 3pm. I'm just browsing the net using stumbleupon. It's such a great tool for discovering the internet. Most of the posts I've made in this blog were stuff I found using that tool.

There's one hour before wife gets home. I guess I'll keep on surfing tonight. I'll resume play tomorrow morning.

google share button

I found a way to post to my wordpress blogs the easy way--use google share button!

This is fouind on the google chrome webstore and is a free app. Once installed, a button appears on my web browser. When I find a website I want to share in my blogs, I just click on the share button, select wordpress, add details if needed and it also gives me the option to include images from that website. Cool. Blogger doesn't have that option.

This is one point in favor of wordpress. Maybe I should move all my blogs to wordpress...?


dry spells = opportunity

I learned something new today. Remember those dry spells that I complained about in recent posts? I was seeing them the wrong way. I used to see dry spells as

Friday, February 18, 2011

the hand of god

winnie the pooh

20 Things I've Learned as an Entrepreneur

This blog is written by a member of our expert blogging community and expresses that expert's views alone.
On my last day at Consorte Media I wrote an email to myself listing the twenty things I've learned as an entrepreneur.  In honor of Consorte Media's birth anniversary of July 1st, I list them below.
1.    It’s rare when someone is their word; treasure it in others, cultivate it in yourself
2.    Call AND email – the squeaky wheel does get the grease
3.    Hold yourself to a standard of behavior and business
4.    Pay attention to detail
5.    It truly is win/win – don’t work with folks who think about it any other way
6.    Focus
7.    Don’t bang your head against the wall – go with what works, but that doesn’t mean you don’t continue to innovate
8.    Be kind but firm
9.    Adopt the Cindy Crawford motto and never point out your flaws but do admit to your mistakes
10.    FEAR:  False Expectations Appearing Real
11.    You always have a choice
12.    People will fight you on everything – stick to your guns
13.    Perception is reality - you’re always creating an impression
14.    Everything is a negotiation, even if you don’t think it is
15.    People hear what they want to and usually only remember the negative
16.    Generosity looks good on
17.    Have the difficult conversations – they’re always worth it
18.    It goes by fast and your health is the most important thing - take care of it/make it a priority
19.    Those old business axioms are true, e.g., take time to hire and be fast to fire
20.    The path to hell really is paved with good intentions
Ready to jump into entrepreneurship?  You don’t have to create a business to be an entrepreneur.  You only have to realize that everything you ever wanted is just beyond your comfort zone.
You can reach Alicia at

scribefire issue found

That when I post my poker chart image to the blogger and wordpress blogs, the image comes out too big on the landing page. Here's the process: I usually post first to blogger. I upload the chart image from my desktop, then make annotations on the chart using aviary talon. Finishing that, the new image sits on my desktop and has to be uploaded again on blogger. 

If I then wanted to post this annotated chart image to my other blogs using scribefire, the posted image wouldn't fit into the other blog's landing page.

The solution I can come up is to not post to the other blogs. Each blog is going to be its own dedicated channel. Another solution is to size the image in such a way that they will fit into each blog's landing page. This is too complicated. Not every image will have the same measurements and, you know how I hate math. Another solution is to post the image URL on scribefire. So the first solution (post only on one blog) and this last solution (post image URL) are easier and represents the path of least resistance--I'll go with these two,

We will see what happens.

end of day update's starting to pull up again. Nice.

squidoo, hubpages

I got curious about squidoo and hubpages with their claims that bloggers are paid writing about their passion. I too, have a passion, playing poker online as a home-based business. Squidoo ranked higher with so I signed up with them. 

To make the long story short, I didn't finish the online sign up process. The topic I was going to write about was considered as "gambling" and that was taboo for both squidoo and hubpages.


This is synchronicity telling me that, that path is not for me to get into.

The Farthest I've Traveled from Home

Moved with my family--from my old home country Philippines, to our new home in New Zealand. It was work related so my wife had to go first, then me and the 4 kids (12yo and below) followed a month after. 

Longest day of my life, but worth it. There was a stop-over in Hong Kong where we had to run all the way to the other end of the terminal. I had to whisk the kids on a luggage trolley to make it on time. They thought it was fun. Everyone else was walking and they were riding on a luggage trolley. 

It was their first time to be on a long plane ride. We were on the economy section of the plane. We all did not get much sleep that night. Kids were too excited; for me, the seats were too cramped. 

But when we arrived at the auckland airport and saw my wife-- Oh joy!

I am done with testing scribefire. Results? I am happy with it. I was able to post pictures and blog entries to four blogs using only one interface--scribefire.

All I need to do is click on the app button on my chrome browser. This opens a new tab where you have the post blog interface, plus a drop down list of all blogs that I am posting to. My initial impression was that I can post simultaneously (all at the same time) to all the blogs that I select to publish to. It doesn't. What I can do is to write my post, then one by one, select the blog I want the post to be published on. After publishing one, the post is still in front of me; this is good in case I need to edit more details into it or not. I then select the next blog to post to, hit the publish button and it is done. Rinse and repeat until I have published to all the blogs I want to post to.

It's a neat app. You can find it on the google chrome web store--and it's FREE!

imageshack test upload


scribefire: test image upload



I think I finally have scribefire working on my google chrome. This makes it easy for me to post to my differernt blogs from just one interface. I am testing three blog providers: tumblr, blogger and wordpress. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks; I'm looking for one that will suit my needs best. In case more than one blog appeals to me, then I'm going to have to post using scribefire more often.

But first, I need to see how scribefire works. Let's see what happens. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

end of day update

Chart slowly pulling up from support level. What am I doing differently?
- pot control
- table selection
- closed the "$100 to $10,000" youtube channel.

After ending that youtube channel, I immediately felt better. I guess I was putting unwanted pressure on myself to get good results. I'm thinking I'd still make youtube videos, but none of that challenge stuff. I'm not sure what the format will be like at the moment. What I'm sure of is that it'll be tied in with promoting this site, improving SEO stats.

gambling issues

This guy probably doesn't know where the fold button is...

"...Those who don’t know me typically see me as an average college kid. Those who do know me know that I’ve got some problems, the biggest of which is gambling. To date, I’d say I’m in the red about 25k dollars, 10k of which was a loan.

To say I’m in some financial trouble is a bit of an understatement. If I don’t come up with some money quickly, the next stage of my life could very well be spent behind bars. You’re probably thinking that you don’t go to jail for being in debt, but there are some extenuating circumstances in my case.

In the very immediate future, I need to come up with about 5k dollars profit to stay afloat. The only way I can do this is to gamble more. I figure I’ve gone too far down this road to turn back. I started this mostly as a way to keep some record of the money that I win and lose, but also in hopes that it could somehow change my luck."

$25,000! If you are a +3bb/100 player (over a big sample, say 100k hands), you'd be making upwards $100 per hour playing poker. If I were a losing player, I'd use half of that money and stake good players.


I just found out why I am going through this dry spell--unnecessary pressure.

I have been making videos and posting them on youtube about playing poker as a business. It came to a point where I made it to a quest to grow $100 to $10,000. While it is possible to get there EVENTUALLY, I am not able to play at my best because of this expectation.

I am deleting that channel and focus on just this one blog instead. No more quest for $10,000. Just pay attention to playing well.

highly recommended

click here.

higher education


It probably seemed like a good idea at the time--borrow money so you can get higher education. But really, does it work?

I took up BS Pharmcacy back in university ('twas a pre-med course; I wanted to be a doctor back then). In our batch, there was 200+ students that took up that particular course. Imagine this: 5 years before us, there was that same number of students that graduated EVERY YEAR before us, and five years after that time we graduated, there'd be 200+ more students EVERY YEAR who will finish the course. That's more than 10,000 pharmacy graduates in one decade.

This will scare the shit out of you--that's just one university. Imagine how many "universities/collges" in the whole country (Philippines) that offer that same course at a cheaper price?

If you were a pharmacist, how long would you keep your job? As long as it is profitable for you, right? My brother worked in the same company that hired him after college for 20 years before he retired.

In the Philippines, how many companies can these graduates get a job with that are related to the course they finished in college? Can you see the supply and demand equation here? Do you still think it makes sense to get a college education, just because "everyone is doing it?"

Imagine yourself a parent, working tooth and nail, saving up money so that your kids can get "higher education." Is it worth it?


I found tumblr last night and instantly loved it. But as I went to bed last night, I was trying to figure out what to do with it. I already had a number of blogs here on blogger. What the hell would I need another one for? I started to compare blogger with tumblr and these are what I found:

Tumblr is new. It's like a new girlfriend. You love to be with her all the time, but you just can't help but compare her to the best friend that you married. Blogger is customizable and very versatile. I can add html, text, pictures, practically anything I can think of in any part of the blog template. I can then move these things around in any way that suits my need. I can't do that with tumblr.

As you can see with this blog, I've added a number of stuff on my sidebar that adds to the experience. I can even add advertising that pays directly to my paypal account. Beat that.

But it's not this or that. It's this AND that. I'd still keep tumblr. I like new things. Blogger would still be my main blog, but I'm starting a new blog over at tumblr.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


WTF is happening?

I feel like I am going through another dry spell again. I am 30% away from making silver star level. How to play this? I am still ahead and can afford to take a break. Or I move back to 2NL. During times like these, I doubt whether I've been lucky all this time, or I am playing terribly.

I am getting set over set on big pots. Those few times where I have the nuts, nobody wants to play. It's like that same situation back in november all over again. If chart action breaks below that recent low (green line), I am definitely playing back at 2NL. At the moment, I have enough bankroll to stay at 5NL.


Better than Amado Pineda's PAGASA weather reports back in the 70's (Manila, Philippines)

phil galfond


After a quick stab at 10NL (just couldn't fold KK vs villain's 2pair), I am back at 5NL--and playing tight.

After two sessions in the morning, I am on my lunchbreak in front of the pc, listening to grooveshark. I love this app!

The Five

Your phone rings. It's late. You've been battling through the Sunday Million for hours and hours now. You are numb, as you are now 26 people away from taking down the biggest score of your life. A score that could pay off your mortgage and take care of all your credit card debts.

The phone rings again. Your hands are shaking. The extreme rush of possibly making $200k in one night is mingling with a feeling of panic. What happens if you get sucked out on? Instead of $200k, you'll only make $1000?

The phone rings a third time. You decided five minutes ago that you were going to use a service that was recommended by one of your friends. This "service" is made up by five of the best and brightest online poker minds in the business. You fired off a quick email and the phone was ringing within two minutes.

You pick up the phone.

"Is this Dave?" the voice on the other end of the line says.

"It is."

"You want to sell your spot in the Million to us? Based on your chip stack, we can offer $18,000 for your spot."

You hesitate. $200,000 is a lot of money, but it's not guaranteed. $18,000 guaranteed sounds pretty good right now, especially considering the fact that you just saw someone get their money all-in preflop with pocket Aces and get eliminated from the tournament.

"Ok. $18,000 sounds good. How does this work?"

The tournament goes to a break. The voice on the other end of the phone sounds young. He speaks.

"I am going to coach you through the rest of this tournament. When your hands are dealt, you'll read the cards off to me, suits included. I'll tell you exactly what to do. If you decide to ignore me or try to screw me, you and your friend will both be black-listed from our service. If the account wins more than $18,000 in the Million, you will leave $18,000 of the score in your account and transfer the rest to us. If the account wins less than $18,000, we will transfer you the remaining amount immediately."

The tournament break is about to finish.

"Sounds good. It's a deal." You immediately feel hours and hours of built-up stress leave your body.

For the next two hours, you read off your hands over the phone to this mysterious figure, and he tells you exactly what to do. How much to bet, how much to raise, when to fold.

He plays an insanely aggressive game, you think. Constantly re-raising pre-flop with nothing. It seems to be working though, as before you know it, "your" account in the Sunday Millions is all of a sudden chipleader at the final table.

Another hour goes by, and "your" account takes down the Sunday Millions for a cool $204k. It really wasn't even close; the voice on the other end of the phone completely destroyed the competition. He doesn't even have a hint of jubilation in his voice as he gives you the transfer instructions. Over the course of the next few hours, large sums of money are transferred from your account to accounts of some of the most recognizable names in online poker.

"Pleasure doing business with you," the voice says. "Call us again when you are deep in a major tournament."

You hang up the phone and check your account balance. $18,745.38. Not bad for a day's work.

Instant messages have gathered on your computer from friends who were watching the final table. The typical message reads:

"Wow! Congratulations! When did you get so good? You killed that final table!"


The voice on the other end of the line belonged to one of the best young poker players in the game. So young in fact that he can't even play in Vegas yet.

That hasn't stopped him from destroying the games online though. He built up enough of a bankroll to buy himself a really nice house with a view looking out onto the beach. It's central, and has enough room for four of the people that he has "mentored" to live with him. The five of them combined have accounted for millions of dollars in online poker wins.

In the house, there is a "war room." The war room has a full set-up. There are all sorts of desktop computers and laptop computers. The cool thing about the war room is that each computer has its own IP address. None of the computer share an IP address; the owner of the house has spared no expense in getting every different Internet provider possible to set up a connection in his house. Each person has their own set of computers, and no one is allowed to play on anyone else's computer.

The room is fully set up with leather reclining chairs, plasma TV screens and a fully stock fridge. However, this room is a place of business; the five spend a combined 60 hours per day in this room. Each of the five has two dedicated phone lines, plus a cell phone in case things get really busy.

This group of five, let's call them "The Five", operate in different ways.

1. They play under their own accounts in all of the major tournaments.

2. Because they all have multiple computers with different IP addresses, they also use seldom-used accounts purchased from friends or acquaintances on a short-term basis. They will enter these accounts into the same tournaments. Because the accounts are using different IP addresses, they are undetectable by poker room security teams. They do person to person transfers into the dummy account and out of the dummy account after each big win. They will only use the account for a couple of months to avoid detection.

3. They have a word of mouth service in which they "purchase" seats of playing who are deep in major events. This involves strictly coaching over the phone or by instant message. This means that they can have technically played three accounts in one tournament (their original account, the dummy account, and the coached account).

4. They will also back and mentor other players that they feel are talented. All told, they have a pool of about twenty young poker players, all of which are making money on a consistent basis by tearing up various levels of poker tournaments.

All in all, it's a very profitable venture. If you include all of the accounts that they have controlled, the five players have won an absolute ton of money online. They are young, rich and loving it.

There is just too much money on the line to stop. Besides, what are the poker rooms going to do, sue them? What proof would they have? The "Five" are switching up their IP addresses every month, and constantly using new dummy accounts. As long as you aren't stupid enough to enter the same IP address twice in the same tournament, and as long as you aren't blatantly colluding, what proof do they really have? It's not against the law to coach someone or transfer money to someone. Right?


industry stats


Here are some Facts about the Online Gaming Industry:

  • Online Gambling is an $18 billion dollar a year industry.
  • Poker and online gaming are some of the fastest and hottest growing industries.
  • The top Online Poker Room exceeds $1 billion dollars in revenue every year.
  • The average return for online casino advertising is over a $3 return for every $1 spent.
  • It only takes 500 new poker players on average to make a poker room profitable.
  • Online saturation will not peak until 2012. There is a 4 year window to make our presence known in this industry.
  • The online poker business is virtually recession proof, and is based globally; Not just by City, State, or Country.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

move up?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was thinking of moving up 10NL when this chart breaks past short term congestion area. Now that it did, do I move up?

I can move up, but I'm not sure just yet. I feel like my game isn't hot right now. Last 1,000 hands, I did not get much home runs. In baseball-talk, I was winning because I was stealing a lot of bases (pot), which is good in iteself. From what I've seen before at 10NL, the fish are fishier and the nits hardly play at all.

I'm apprehensive because there is this idea in me that something bad is going to happen and I might find myself with a big spike down again. That happened in the past. It's not that situations like that are not going to happen again (it will), but that I am giving my attention to that situation. All things are possible. I can make homeruns at 10NL, or strike out and find myself back at 5NL.

The worst that can happen is that I strike out and find myself back at 5NL. What's bad about playing at 5Nl?

That decides it then. I'll play 10NL next session. Two sessions finished for the morning session and now it's time for a break. Time for yoga.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Next time you find yourself on tilt--SING YOUR HEART OUT!

wireless poker controller

It's a neat toy. I'd like to try one of these at some point in time. At the moment, I am using a logitech gamepad with tableninja and joy2key. I am quite happy with it. It's reliable, effective and I have a great time using it.

This wireless poker controller claims it works with other poker sites as well. That means I don't need tableninja and joy2key. Instead, I'll be using their software to interface with the different poker game platforms

It's an advantage for me if I were a tourney player and played different tourneys on different sites--I can play several at the same time. But I'm a cash games player who's building up to supernova on pokerstars. I am good with my setup for now and I don't think I'd make changes anytime soon.

If they will give me one, I can make a review and see how it goes.

Robert Wegrzyn on gay marriage

...having lunch in front of the computer. again.

valentine's day

I just finished my second session this morning. I awoke at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep--too many mosquitoes (well, not as much as what we had back in manila). I decided to browse the internet, and finding nothing interesting, decided to play. Around 5am, the sandman came back. I slept until 7am, time to get the kids ready for school.

I'm about to take a break away from the pc. I'm waiting for the openoffice to finish download. I added the impress software. I found out that I can download, for free a number of presentation templates off their website. This presentation software will help in my screencast/videos in the coming days.

When that finishes downloading, I do the dishes, clean up around the house. Typical househusband days. I'll be running later this afternoon. Wife gets home early today. It's valentine's day. I'm not sure what I have planned for the family later. I don't want to think about it now. It'll come to me later when it's ready.

Two hours later...

Chart update after my third session for the day. Chart shows PnL for 2011, playing still at 5NL.

It is now time for my yoga.

357k players online

This probably comes close to a post I made some time ago--350K players when I opened the game platform. Monday today, so that means it's a sunday in the US, probably late afternoon to early evening in some parts; in europe, late night.

(*i just love using this chrome app, "aviary screen capture." this makes it easy for me to share and write notes/comments on the stuff I find on the net. If you are an active blogger like i am--get one!)

facebook news article

Sunday, February 13, 2011

boracay today

The last time I was in boracay was in 1990(?). The beach was great, but the island as a whole is overrated. What I don't get is why would anyone put a grotto there? Isn't it enough that the island is overcrowded and highly commercialized? Given an opportunity to visit the place, I'd rather go someplace else.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


It's a grinding weekend for me. Playing at 5NL after that tilt session yesterday. Gaining my composure and confidence back. IMO, it's all about patience. It's when I try to get there in a hurry that I make poor decisions, hoping to win and calling with marginal hands. And when villain gets lucky, I tilt.

But when I am patient, big spike-ups happen.

Like my screen annotation? It's from aviary. It's an app from google chrome webstore and it's FREE.

Joe Cada

Friday, February 11, 2011


down 3bi

I made some poor decision on the felt--paid tuition for it.

To feel better, I went out for a run in the midday sun.

Lesson learned: Lose one stack = time out. I still have 15bi to play at 10NL. I decided to shift back to 5NL playing with max buy-ins ($12.50). After I win half of this downswing back, I play back at 10NL.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

creative media

When I take a break, or need to get my mind off poker, I play with these:

The vector graphics software is called inkscape and you can download it for free at I play around with this, or GIMP ( The graphics that I make, I plan to someday use when I make screencasts using camtasia studio (

Projects like these require your full attention. Playing with these are ideal to get the head to focus on something else when not playing poker. This way, when I am ready to play again, my head is fresh, blank and ready.

bull run

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


pokerstars 2011 YTD

From point 1 to point 2 on the chart, I was distracted (wanted to play around with video production & editing) and doing something outside of my comfort zone (playing vs short stackers). Point 2 to where it is now, I tightened up and paid attention to what was happening in the moment. All this happening in 10NL.

I can't blame variance all the time. This is a constant and it happens to everyone. When I get upset because villain got his set on the river, so be it. I too, will get mine over time. I am starting to ramp up the number of hands that I play at 10NL. Variance won't hold up against a big sample of hands.

I am easily within reach of getting silver star level--again. I've been at 2NL/bronze star for almost a year now. I think it's a good time to move on.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

$100 to $10,000

Here's an interesting fact I just learned while making my video series:

To grow $100 to $10,000 will approximately take 52 weeks--compounding your bankroll each week by 10%! I'm not good at math, but 10% of a $100 bankroll is $10, isn't it? Playing at 5NL, that's approximately 2 buy-ins (at 100bb per buy in). This means that each time I move up a stake level, I only need to profit 2 buy-ins each week CONSISTENTLY, moving up a stake level when my bankroll allows it (15bi/stake level). After one year (52 weeks), I'd have my $10,000!

Do the math yourself. Here is the link to the future value calculator that I used:

Interest rate per time period is 10%
Number of time periods = 52
Present value = 100

Hit the calculate button and you will get a Future Value of $14,204.29, plus this explanation below it:
If today you were to invest $100.00 at a rate of 10%, you would have $14,204.29 at the end of 52 time periods (e.g. weeks, months, or years). In other words, a future value of $14,204.29 is equal to a present value of only $100.00.

Realists will say it's not entirely possible as you have a number of factors to consider. Variance is one.

I'm not going to argue with anyone on that. If Christopher Columbus were to win every argument that was presented to him, he wouldn't have discovered penicillin ;p

Follow my series on youtube (or this blog) and we'll see if this theory holds out.

Monday, February 7, 2011


I am not playing as many hands as I used to at 10NL. There are fare fewer tables at this level and average stack is smaller. I am going to have to re-define my strategy as I move up stake levels. I checked out the higher stake levels and number of tables go down as you go higher up the stakes.

To me, this means that, either I learn how to start playing back at loose players, or play less tables altogether. Since there are fewer table choices, I suspect that regs pay more attention to other players.

I'll try playing less tables than play back at donkeys. But then again, playing less tables, I get to see how donkeys play, AND figure out how to play back at them. That sounds like a good option. I'll see how that goes then.

I just cleared the $10 VIP bonus. That gives me extra ammo for 10NL. Next target is silver star level.

Friday, February 4, 2011

marvel comics on google chrome

click here.


Morning session: played at 5NL. I won some big pots here and there. Most of the hands were either a quick fold or someone else gave me the quick fold.

I noticed lately that I get an easier quick fold from the regulars--those players where I have more than 100-hand history on my HUD. These are the grinders who knows what it takes to make money in this business.

Then there are players whom I have less than 100 hands in my HUD. These are players that are probably playing for leisure, or are new at this. They do not understand the concept of quick fold. The best of these kinds are the ones who will call pot raises from flop to river with nothing more than ace-high hands. The more common ones are the one-pair-wonders. These fish will call your pot raises from flop to river and showdown one pair with a prayer.

The other side of the coin is that, on those days where I can't get a big hand going, these guys will make a few bucks off you. On those days, I find it best to just stop playing and do something else.

Charts like these that show a steady bull run, it only takes two or three big pots per 500 hands. A lot of the hands I get are quick folds. I seldom make elaborate bluffs. It's about investing in your meta-game. Poker, IMO, is a game of perception. You don't play one hand in isolation. Their perception of how you played one hand is related to how they think you will play the next hand. I used to tilt big time when I lose big pots on set over set situations. These days, I just see them as my investment towards my meta-game.

My bankroll is a few dollars short of playing at 10NL. Either I finish that VIP bonus, or win two big pots and you will find me taking shots at 10NL.

I am taking a break now. I'll walk to the grocery and get something to eat.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

webcam no-audio issue

After the midday session, I decided to play around with camtasia. I realized then that the webcam mic wasn't working.

Did I tell you that I used to work as technical support for a software firm, verizon and AT&T broadband back in manila? That gave me some sort of background on troubleshooting my own pc.

Camtasia was showing webcam image but did not pick up audio from the webcam mic. I then connected my headset mic and recorded a video. There was audio. That tells me the issue was with the webcam mic. I went to skype and made a test call using the webcam mic. It was working. Somehow, the webcam mic did not work with other applications, even its own logitech web capture software failed to produce audio.

After spending hours on google looking for resolution, the one that solved the problem was reinstalling the software driver. Logitech webcams automatically checks for updates. I remember approving an update a few weeks ago. The install CD reinstalled the original drivers.


PnL chart showing 2011 year-to-date

Steadily playing at 5NL as my bankroll took a hit and is now below 15 buy-ins for 10NL. Set over set where I made low set on flop, villain bet pot and made bigger set on the river.

Variance. Also known as shit happens.

It's quiet around here again. Kids are back in school. It's just me and the cat. With nothing else to do on my break, I play around with my video editing software, looking to see what works or not. I just finished my morning session. I decided a few days ago to add a few more hands for every session. Small increases per session and total hands played by the end of the month will be 50k hands. 

I am taking a break now. Dishes need washing.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Here's another tool I found on the internet while I was on poker break. It's a software that helps you do livestreams that you can use with different livestream channels like and

It's a third party application, not related in any way to any of the popular livestream site providers. I've just download the thing and learning how to use it. First thing I need to do is see how it works with my poker setup. If I can livestream 12 tables without any problem, then I can resume my livestream channel.

Here's the copy (product information) from their website:


XSplit Broadcaster--The easiest way to live-stream your events!

  • Mix screen capture, cameras, videos, flash and images
  • Make compositions with 3D effects, z-order and color control
  • Use text labels with static text or dynamic text from web sources
  • Change scenes with advanced and customizable transitions
  • Record and broadcast your presentations preset service providers
  • Connect to your own custom RTMP server or CDN provider
  • Conduct several broadcasts in different qualities at the same time
  • Use service to stream one stream to multiple targets
  • Capture output sound from speakers and mix microphone input
  • Use as camera source with Skype™ or Adobe Flash™

8 hours later...

I removed xsplit from my pc. I was able to livestream playing 12 tables, but the set up plus this running all together was slowing down pc performance. xSplit showed better streaming than procaster as I was able to play 12 tables and stream at the same time, although slower.

The reason I uninstalled it is, when I checked my to see how the test broadcast went, there was nothing. At least with procaster/livestream, I saw the broadcast while I was doing it and saved the video in the video library.

I am done with livestreaming. I don't have that many audience at the moment for me to do a livestream and I have nothing to share for now. I'll stick with camtasia studio and am happy with it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

davis fleetwood

January 2011 PnL

I can't get the exact amount where my bankroll started back in January 2011. My estimate is that it was around $37. Ending bankroll for that same month was about $62.

Net profit for January was:
$62 - $37 = $25
% gain is +67.56% for that one month.

$25 is about 10 buy-ins won at 2NL. Dividing the net profit by the number of days played, which is about 30 days will give me how much I made per day. That would be $0.83 profit per day; or dividing that number by big blinds = 41 big blinds per day.


How timely. On the first day of february, the fund transfer cleared the bank and was available in my visa debit card after only two days. They are now in my pokerstars account. My bankroll is now at 15 buy-ins for 10NL. I'll play at this level today, move down on a negative session, or keep at it if I am in the black.

These funds did not come from my wallet, but from my bankroll in full tilt poker. I decided to move them to pokerstars and focus my attention on only one site starting today. I posted the image here so I'll know what figures to use when computing for profit/loss at the end of the month.

First day of school today, school year 2011, term 1. My two youngest kids that go to primary school are now up waiting for breakfast. The other two older kids start tomorrow. They go to intermediate school.