Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I did not get to post end of day updates last night. I was posting a video on youtbe. From production to publishing, it must have taken me an hour. When I shut down my pc, it was past 11pm and youtube still had to process the video before I can see the finished product.

(What's the URL for the video? I am not giving it out right now. That is part of the creative process. It needs time to grow.)

This gave me an insight into video publishing. It's not as spontaneous as blogging where you write, click post and you are done. With videos, I spend more time editing and production. It's not as spontaneous as I expected it to be. I think there is a lot of room to improve on this in the industry in the coming days. It'll be good if the production side were faster. It'll get there. Imagine me making a video and posting that in a media that has a 15 million audience. That wasn't even possible ten years ago--at least for me. Looking at it this way, I am assured that technology will improve tremendously in the coming days.

So what was the video about? Nothing. It was me writing on a word document anything that comes to mind. This is how my creative process works. My interest led me to screecasting and I had an insight last night to just write, create a screencast and publish. To just go through the process without expectations. I think the process is for me to get used to screencasting and publishing, to get me moving in that direction. I don't know how things will turn out. I just follow that thread of interest. It's like little bread crumbs laid in front of me by higher mind that I feel I want to follow because it interests me.

It's the same with this poker business. There was a time when not much was happening in my life and I was seeing a lot of poker around me. One thing led to another and now, here I am; and it has been a great adventure for me getting here. One interest led to another. Just follow that thread no matter where it leads. Without expectation, without judgement and just being open to what is.