Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I am done playing today--9.19pm. Except for one session in the morning (played ftp), I practically played on pokerstars exclusively. I like how tableninja works well with the pokerstars game platform. There is hardly any lag on both interface. Opening and closing tables is easy. When I do not have position on a player, I hit button number 2 on my logitech gamepad, and in the blink of an eye, that table is closed.

It is not quite the same with tableninjaFT and the full tilt poker game interface; and I am not even going to go into details on that.

Tableninja + pokerstars + joy2key + logitech gamepad = easy multi-tabling.

If only there was software that will automatically open a new table for me when I close one, I can play 24 tables on ps. Optimally, I am good with 12 tables. Opening a new table takes away attention and when I play more than 12, my game suffers. I'll look into 2p2 one of these days and see if such a software exists.

Play on pokerstars today was quite profitable. I broke past the month's recent high. Soon as I have $75 on my bankroll, I start taking shots at 5NL. I am not that concerned about making silver star at the moment. If I get there, I get there. At 2NL, that's an awful lot of tables to play. It would be better if I concentrate on my a-game, win big pots and grow my bankroll. When I am playing higher stakes, it'll be easier to move up the VIP levels.

I am not even going to post end of day charts now. If you have been following this blog, you have an idea of where my winrate is. I have been watching youtube on my break time. I posted a few good ones earlier.

I ran this afternoon. There was light rain while I was running. Wife said there was a cyclone off NZ and that we'd be having rains in the coming days. Rainy days here are not like rainy days back in manila. Here, when we get cyclones, we only get light rain showers. There was only one time when there was a lot of strong winds, but even so, light rain showers.

Back in manila, when rain is forecast, I'd get drenched into my underwear when I go running. I like running in the rain. I feel like I can run farther, and it just feels good to splash around in the puddles that form on the streets.

Earlier today, I found me a bunch of poker videos from blue fire poker. It's about to finish downloading anytime soon. I don't get much watching videos. I'd rather look up a concept on the 2p2 forums, practice that on the tables, then review hand history. Watching videos feels like I'm watching a rerun and don't pay much attention, unless the concept being discussed is new to me. On those times, I look it up on 2p2, practice on the felt, the do hh review (you get the picture).

I also have a number of videos from deuces cracked lined up. I don't think I'll have time to watch that until after March this year.