Saturday, January 1, 2011

touching base

Back in my days, to call someone long distance, I'd have to drive over to the telecom office and wait a few minutes to get connected.

Today, I just click, without having to leave my home.

I just sent sms to a cousin back in manila greeting him happy new year. Last night, I sent sms to my brothers back in manila to greet them happy new year. Less than ten seconds later, one brother made his reply from his mobile phone. I touched base with a client yesterday halfway around the world, sent him documents and pictures--all in real time. My wife spoke with her mother using skype's video call together with the kids.

I get up-to-date information from friends I haven't seen in a decade. And we talk as if it were only yesterday that we saw each other. The only difference is the bigger belly, double chin and receded hairlines.

I am running a home-based business that I did not/could not even imagine was possible ten years ago.

I wonder how things are going to be like ten years from now?

Happy new year!