Thursday, January 27, 2011


10.07pm. I am calling it  a day. I did not get to play much today. In the morning before breakfast, I played around with the procaster software and made some test broadcasts on my channel. After breakfast, I continued making more test broadcasts. I was able to test if I'd be able to livestream my poker games--it is not possible.

The procaster software runs optimally on windows vista basic theme. Tableninja is optimal with the aero theme. I multi-tabled (4 tables) while doing the test broadcast, and the lag time was not good. I'd get timed out every time if I livestreamed my games. Maybe a different screencast software will work better with tableninja on aero theme (like java based screencast-o-matic), but for now livestreaming is out of the equation.

So that leaves me with the question--what am I going to talk about on my broadcast? Surely, I don't want to talk about poker strategy. What comes to mind is to talk about my opinion on poker theory and how to run this as a business. There's a storyline in there somewhere in my head. I'm not going to force my mind to come up with the idea now. I'd sleep on it and see what comes up in the coming days.

I was able to do two sessions today. Not much. It's the end of the month anyway. I am thinking I can base my initial broadcast on how I fared for January.